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The Story:
Nick Baley is an Iraq war veteran who served twelve.five years preserving his nation. Bailey was injured by a mortar assault even though on responsibility in Iraq. He sustained spinal injuries and nerve destruction and has been through several surgeries to enable his bodily suffering. A person of Bailey’s biggest comforts throughout it all nevertheless, has been his devoted pal — his pet dog, Abel (a attractive German Shepherd).

Nick approached several businesses for wounded veterans to get enable in coaching Abel as a Support Doggy. Some of these businesses even marketed “no cost” Support Doggy coaching, but he swiftly uncovered most of these businesses are deceiving and not able to make subpar effects. Instead, they are additional intrigued in collecting donations and people money are employed somewhere else.

An eight-calendar year aged woman observed out about Nick’s story and wanted to enable increase money for Abel’s coaching so she started out a lemonade stand. The consideration the lemonade stand gained considerably aided Nick toward his purpose (they started out a site), anything for which he is eternally grateful.

Nick and his spouse went by way of selecting several trainers. These were being supposedly highly experienced trainers that cost 1000’s of pounds to coach Support Pet dogs. Each and every one of these trainers let Nick and Abel down. Fortunately Nick was able to get his dollars back, although Abel occasionally arrived household in worse behavioral issue.

Nick uncovered Your Doggy Expert from one of our preceding video clips posted on YouTube. He contacted us promptly and our master trainer, Jimi Livshitz, employed Skype to video chat with Nick and appraise Abel. It wasn’t prolonged just before Nick and Abel were being on a flight to Phoenix, Arizona. Abel stayed with us for five months and went by way of a full rehabilitation and coaching software. We imagine this video speaks for itself by displaying the issue Abel was in when he arrived and the remarkable Support Doggy he remaining as.

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  1. what were the orgs that would not help? we need to spread the word.

  2. I am trying to train my pitbull to be my service dog.  He is a well trained pet but not a service dog by any standards.  I am not a vet but do have PTSD.  I don't know if I will succeed in training him to be my service dog (which means I will carry on without a service dog as my therapist would like as I can't have another dog).  I just want to thank you very much for coming to the aid of this vet and truly training an amazing service dog!

  3. I am a veteran who suffers from acute PTSD. I am currently self training my GSD but honestly I am very limited on my knowledge of animal training. I would like to seek your services. Could someone contact me and give me a consult Thanks

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  5. Where are you located?

  6. Above all, you have to know about your canine's behavior and treat your dog as the way he or she thinks if you desire to stop your dog keep jumping up.

  7. super helpful. thanks. The best outcome that I have read was at Brainy paws (just google it) Without a doubt the most awesome dog training tips that I have ever tested.

  8. this is so awesome. I am a disabled vet and am looking into service dogs to help me with my PTSD in crowds of people and to also help me with some mobility issues that I have. it is awesome that you took a regular dog and made him into a segice animal. an this be done with any animal or do you have to evaluate them first?

  9. Awesome work!

  10. ty so much for helping this gentleman.. im in the uk and i myself may need a service dog…

  11. That is so AWESOME!!!!!!!!  It goes to show you how sometimes kids are more sensitive to people's needs without wanting anything back.  WAKE UP ADULTS!!!!!  Maybe adults can learn something from this, as well as those so called joke of organizations who claim to help but don't.  God bless Nick and Abel!

  12. That's great to see what you was able to do for my brothet and his family.
    Glad to see him get all the help he so deserves.

  13. Thanks for watching everyone!


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