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VANGUARDK9 How to training a civil protection pet

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  1. U r the best dogmen online giving gold in knowledge

  2. I'm so interested in me or dog I like the way you train them I might have to contact you some kind of way brother I like what you do brother keep on doing it I love the way you train them dogs

  3. Thank you for sharing…

  4. Great video I'm always learning something

  5. You have good content man, you need better camera work and editing. You're content should be garnering alot more response, more vids like this would lead to a more educated working dog culture

  6. Mister vanguard i love your videos i come from Holland and i have 2female pits mother of almost 3 and her daughter almost 8moths do you think i Will be able to get like 5% of your work in my dogs if i work every day with Them like you said here in Holland they don't have much training like this only for police work if they have training like this IT would not even get close to what your doing maybe it's a idea to set up a holland chapter for vanguard lol Just saying i would inlist immediately😂😂😂 so do you think with hard work and dedication i would get a Little bit of your work in my dogs at this age?

  7. Great vid! Can't wait to get my Mali into some training like this

  8. whatever happened to the training Show.

  9. when he jumped that fence I was like "you better run decoy" 🙂

  10. Awesome video. You guys do great work. I heard a trainer say he trains protection dogs using force free, pure positive methods. What do you think would be the difference between your dogs and theirs?

  11. Keep the videos coming. Your K9s are the real deal and it is only a matter of time when your brand will draw them in even more. I see another personal protection dog in the making!


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