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Bandits Threads! :

OUR VEST Came!!!!! –
So fired up here’s the vest and bandana we requested , considering the fact that the purchase was delayed in shipment she bundled a customized bandana for absolutely free!! –
Bandits Threads on Fb
Vest was about forty seven$ Completely customized and she additional d rings , velcro , handle , and zipper pockets and I got to choose coloration and all the things! And we’ll for the bandana , was twelve$ transport not bundled!🖤

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Why Do I Have My SDit?

I have PTSD from childhood mental , physical, verbal , and sexual abuse. I also have Significant Depressive Problem with Anxiousness , Bub (SDit) is training for clinical alert , clinical reaction , and medicine retrieval for my PTSD , Anxiousness , and Severe IBS. I am no for a longer time in that atmosphere any longer. Bub is training for Panic Alert , Anxiousness Alert , PTSD episode reaction , anxiousness reaction. He is also my residing “grounding tool” he will help me stays existing by licking my deal with , pawing and so forth

How Do We Practice?
I use a spray (mist location) bottle corrections when he jumps and so forth I use a prong collar for leash training corrections. We use treats and positive reinforcement for items he does correct , we lately started clicker training as properly , we will see how that goes. Bub is operator qualified , and we also get the job done with an corporation trainer once a week who has a support puppy as properly.

How Old Am I?

I really don’t like to give out my serious age , absolutely nothing towards any individual I just want to keep that personal. I will say I am a teenager , I experienced to develop up quick so even however I’m a teenager I arrive off from time to time as substantially far more experienced.🖤

What Breed Is My SDit?
I’m not completely certain , despite the fact that professionals I get the job done with are certain he’s an APBT , we will forgo a correct DNA examination before long.

What Is My Channel?
Here’s the url to the channel trailer , it gives you a pretty good sense of what this is all about!

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