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Train Dog be good in Motor vehicle :Excursion to Petco with Hunting Puppy

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Train Dog be good in Motor vehicle :Excursion to Petco and Tractor Supply
Charlie is dog not a infant, it is fine to leave him for a number of minutes in a car when its neat out. I view the car though in retail outlet. Be watchful, preserve it true quick do this teaching exercising to support the pet dog learn you preserve coming again


  1. A blanket is good in the crate if they have an Antler….could get very noisy and annoying to the driver! I did short trip's, stopped, got out of the car and then repeated over and over and the dog soon got the idea. I have done this with every dog i have owned and has worked every time! Good advice here Peter!

  2. i love this dude

  3. HI PETER,I Have a Dobi-Rot, had Rots b-4.  My Dobi-Rot will not totally reform (conform) to me unlike Rots b-4…I am Alfa!  I am the boss!  All my dogs I trained & listened &  on hand commands…but Dano, will not totally it the Dobi in him?  I never had a Doberman. I Know it does not matter the breed OR the size!!!  I moved to Florida, Daytona Beach, from Ohio 2 years ago just  Dano & me, do you wanna come & visit?  I totally  love your training views!!!  I miss the smell of manure!!!!!Vickie

  4. the two house man


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