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the state reasonable & brett eldredge live performance | day in my existence

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hello hello! In this vlog, I went to the state reasonable with my boyfriend 🙂
Hope you guys enjoy this video clip! x, Lily

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  1. omg!! I was at this concert!! wowow small world haha

  2. lowkey shook because ive never watched a youtuber that lives on Delmarva. Especially since I live down the road from the fairgrounds. I definitely just subscribed

  3. you need to update your faqs

  4. Jam season was great

  5. You guys are the cutest

  6. Wow I ship this couple so hard

  7. How is your Iced coffee called? I always don‘t understand that – is it iced Milka latté? Last time I went to Dunkin‘ and said exact that and they were like what the hell does this girl want from us hahahah so embarrassing – so please help me and tell me how it‘s called because it looks so delicious!!

    And I also have an iced coffee addiction – bad thing: Dunkin‘ Donuts is just down the street – 5min walk there – bad for my wallet😂😂😂 and yeah don‘t mind my English but i‘m german haha ~ have a great weak Lily!! And all the best with your boyfriend💓

  8. the jam session in the car was so cute! 💕

  9. wow wow wow, too cute

  10. you guys are so cute omg!! I'm glad he's supportive of the vlogs.

  11. Awwwwwww I love yall

  12. Awe y’all are so freaking adorable 😍 and he’s so comfortable in front of the camera

  13. YOU GUYS ARE SO CUTE!!! 😍 I can tell he makes you so happy!

  14. And Pat and you are super cute btw I remember him coming into work and being nervous af about hanging out with you lol

  15. Honestly I clicked on pats snap link and thought it was gonna be kinda cheesy but it’s actually really nice the intro is good the transfer slides the slowmo pans everything. 👌🏼👌🏼

  16. Lmao pat

  17. Couple goals 😂❤️❤️

  18. aw you guys are cute

  19. cutest youtuber ever ❤️


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