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Snake River Canine presents educated puppies and canine via our one of a kind and incredible puppy schooling plan. We get the job done with puppies from highly regarded breeders and deliver superb companion and performing canine. Our schooling is beneficial and pleasurable for younger puppies so they understand eagerly. We put our puppies on a dependable timetable so that they can quickly potty coach and prosper in a wholesome natural environment. Our puppies are lifted and educated IN OUR Residence so they are applied to the comings and goings of normal family members everyday living.

Our puppies get the job done on early obedience, kennel/potty schooling, leash schooling, socialization, and exposure to a wide variety of activities. Puppies who are educated early in everyday living are far more apt to understand far more (and far more proficiently) all through their lives. We have more than 20 a long time knowledge in obedience schooling, scent detection, rollerblading & bike schooling, herding and inventory dog schooling, puppy and grownup dog schooling, actions analysis, trick schooling, socialization, and far more!

Test out our website at www.SnakeRiverCanine.com for information on our recent trainees and our plan aspects.

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