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Survival Suggestions for Education Your Teenage Dog | Grisha Stewart

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My dog Bean just turned 8 months aged! The rule about one canine year getting 7 human a long time falls apart for younger canine. Bean is not 5 a long time aged – he is obtained grown-up urges and is extra like a teen or a tween. Check out this movie for speedy coaching ideas for your adolescent canine.

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  1. Great information!!!

  2. Damn pop eyed ugly bitch

  3. Hi Grisha, My name is Marianne Hurlow, and I work at It's A Dog's World in Sumner, WA. Lori McKenna is my friend and training mentor. I have enjoyed your seminars on BAT and your videos very much. I teach a class called "Troubled Teens" and have directed students to a couple of your videos. Thank you so much for the work you do! Your journey as a trainer and facilitator has inspired me!

  4. Love your mantra at 1:13 for adolescent dogs! Thanks for posting such great videos!


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