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Now I was questioned “is that a genuine assistance puppy?”
I responded “Yes and a genuine very good a single far too.”

Oakley alerted and acted three times at the airport now. I caught the final ones on movie since I could really feel them coming.
A single of the lots of duties Oakley performs is alerting to stress/stress assaults and de-escalating them.
He has been taught to break my palms apart and absent from my face and is supposed to motivate me to place my palms and even face on him – which calms me down. I imagine he did an fantastic task!

There is so much to say on this issue, but I will just go away this movie listed here for you to see for you. Sharing this movie and these points make me susceptible, but I’m sharing them with you so you can see how this puppy has altered my lifestyle. This movie was much more time but was edited down for viewing uses.

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  1. Service dogs are truly amazing ❤
    Such a good pup, he is so devoted and loving.


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