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Service pet dog education at Petco. I you should not know why I maintain stating Petsmart. It really is Petco.

So, our 3rd education at Petco went way far better then I was anticipating. Chopper typically goes backwards a tad when not education something as consistly as we as soon as had been. And I necessarily mean Petco. This is in no way an case in point of how he functions in a regular suppliers and go view those videos for those that think that. Anyway, I predicted a little bit of a backwards move but I think he did far better then past time. However the whining but that is preset over time. I observed way much more aim then both of the preceding videos. I did listen to a few whines on movie that I didn’t appropriate but it truly is for the reason that it truly is loud in there. The movie picks up way much more then my ears do. I did say “down” a few situations and thought to myself “I should not of said it numerous situations” but I designed the remember less of a length. We are education much more and much more off leash as I get permission from the corporations. I am thinking of using him to the fensed in tennis court at the neighboring condominium complex (owned by the same realestate corporation) to seriously do off leash education but I try to insert those little off leash situations exactly where I can.

Anyway, I am seriously pleased how this session went. Even nevertheless I was quite a lot crawling by means of my entrance door. This is company pet dog education folks. It is bodily incredibly really hard.

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  1. He's beautiful! Hiw much does he weigh?

  2. Hi! Chopper is super sweet! I also have a pittie in training, she is extremely well behaved in stores. She keeps a tight heel, no sniffing, no wanting attention from other shoppers etc. She has a few problems though, whenever she sees a dog it takes a lot of e-collar corrections to get her reeled back in and focusing on me, especially if its a 'pet' in the store. She gets so excited and wants to play.. How do you avoid this? I feel bad using the e-collar all of the time because it seems like the easy route out and not the source of the issue. I was just wondering if you have any advice on how I should correct her. Thanks in advance!

  3. He is such a good boy

  4. Why dont you get a wheel chair and train him to pull you when needed?


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