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Rape Scene Situation Coaching Doberman “Finn” Own Defense Dog For Sale

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Growth and Coaching. Doberman 14 Months Aged. For Sale at :

Coaching and Creating Defense Pet dogs. Big Schnauzers, Dobermans, German Shepherds, Rottweilers, Malinois. Shots, Charges $$$$$, movie Backlinks, Total bio’s on all canine for sale. Look at it out. Terrific Web site. Tons of totally free information and facts on acquiring a protection pet dog. Pricing information and facts, levels of education all discussed.


  1. Dang, I've been watching a lot of this stuff and I'm not living in a high crime rate area rn but I probably will live in a very big city one day and in areas like that I get soooo anxious about being alone and someone trying to hurt me cause I know there will come a time where my self defense won't work. Plus I've always dreamed of owning a big dog like a Doberman or a Caucasian Mastiff and it being able to protect me like that when I need it to would be so incredible to me! I do hope if I move into a city years from now and I'm able to afford a dog I'll be able to remember this company!!

  2. Awesome and fantastic trained.


  3. I got goose bumps when Finn leapt from the car.

  4. that dog was not serious he is playing no defense Drive smh!!!-__-

  5. Nice video do you by any chance train Rottweilers

  6. Awesome! Love this ☺

  7. This is a GREAT video love the new intro and you definitely need to video different scenes like this


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