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Puppy dog whistle schooling

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Apply whistle schooling with your puppy dog. In this video clip, 3 consecutive whistles suggests for the puppy dog to appear, and 1 whistlemeans for him to quit and sit.


  1. how did you train the pup that the single wistle means stop and look at me.

  2. @tehkittehcat…yes, I would prefer the clicker, also.

  3. Very nice pup, its amazing just what a good dog learns so well yet so young too. I was going to use a whistle for recall with my new pup, I have never used whistles before.

  4. I am going to use this with my two great pratice for whistle sit and here! I love videos like this because its a great way to work on may things at once. Its amazing how fast they can catch on to things. Kohl is quite the quick learner. your also an awsome teacher! Have a great day Fred


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