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Every single working day I get some quite awesome questions about dog coaching. Listed here are a number of from this 7 days.
What is the most impressive breed?
What is my preferred breed of dog?
What is my preferred breed to prepare?
What do I appreciate most about the dog coaching industry?
If dog coaching instruments had been banned how would it affect my coaching?

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  1. Very impressed with your answers! Ordering you book today thanks

  2. Larry, I have a couple of questions for you and I hope you can help me out. I have 3 rotties, 2 females and a male. I also have a female shepherd. All of them have been thru obedience classes thru the advanced level. 1 of my female rotties is going thru a "stage" that we could live without, and I don't know how to correct it. If she gets excited she redirects her excitement and will bite any dog in her reach. Last week she charged and started a fight with my male rottie,, for what seemed like no apparent reason. She has also on occasion took nips out of the shepherd again for what seemed to me like no reason. At the times that these events have transpired no one was in season. The way I am seeing this it needs to be corrected with an ecollar, although I'm not a fan these issues need to be fixed so I'm all ears. If you are agreeing with me, how do I get in a correction, even just the low numbered vibrations, without her thinking it's the other dog that's doing this to her which may bring on a full out fight? How would you handle this? Thank you in advance for any assistance you can provide.
    P.S. The 2 rottie females are sisters 16 months old.

  3. I grew up with a Rot next door to me and loved that dog. He was the coolest. Also, pits are so obedient. They aren't stubborn by any means. I sub'd.

  4. Who put a thumb down!?

  5. I really enjoy your videos, very informative and I am currently trying to go further with obedience with my pet 17month Doberman pincher. I know this video was q&a so I want to give you a shot. My dog will whine when she is not doing something she wants. Especially at 730 am and I am sleeping and she wants to go to the park, she will whine and yawn until I get enough and I get up and go. I guess not giving into her whine may eventually work, but it's hard to hear your dog whine and whine and whine. Any help??

  6. Love your videos Larry. Used them in preparation for getting a puppy. She is six months old now and doing great. Thanks!!

  7. APTs are SOOO much fun to train! It doesn't suprise me a bit! Sadly, owning a pit doesn't change people's minds. Even when the pit is well trained and well behaved and even when there is a service dog vest on. I have had people freak out in a store, though he is on leash and though he has his vest on. Would I start him in service dog training if I thought he would EVER bite anyone? What will they do when he is off leash trained? I will always have a 6 inch "traffic lead" on him and most likely a mobilty harness, but, when he is off leash trained very well in public he will be more and more off leash until he fully is. I would have a lead I can grab but thats it (as long as he is ok off leash). I agree with the cliques! I hate them! This is the right way only. The service dog community is full of bullies and though they trained their dog, one dog, they feel you are abusing your dog if you are using a tool like the e collar. I get a ton of nastiness due to tools!

  8. Larry, I recently purchased and read your book.

    Will you consider doing a book on your thoughts about raising a dog? You gave a talk about what you should do for a new dog you bring into a home and the stages of freedom you give it in the home. That was interesting and not something I've heard anywhere else. Or the order you should teach things to your dog, I.e., things you should do all the time, like working the out command, vs things you do in more formal sessions.

    Things like this I think would be cool for a book.

  9. Just the way you talk in your videos, no BS, is what encouraged me to listen more and finally try an e-collar.
    Mo my deaf Turkish Akbash pup was real handful, I nearly gave up. I had no control and didn't feel connected with him. I was stressed, he was too I'm sure. That's all changed after using the e-collar and lots of treats. He will place, do structured walks perfectly, has reliable recall even from a distance and we've stopped aggression towards other dogs. We put in the work, but you were the catalyst to get it all started. FYI he's intact and raw fed. Thank you so much, Vicki and Mo.

  10. The way you describe Bart Bellon reminds me of one trainer I came across where every word that came out of his mouth was golden, every time I heard him explain his view of any aspect of dog training my mind was blown.

  11. hey Larry just wanted to say you do a great job with training the dogs, I think everyone out there should check out American Bully Minnie Channel, don't forget to like favorite And subscribe

  12. Hello from Israel.
    Thank you so much for all your videos, for me as a pet owner you are an inspiration as much as the amazing 3 dog trainers you where pointed out. one day I hope to get to your level of clarity and attitude when it comes to dog (and people) training.

  13. Hi Larry. thanks for your vids And your great Book. very well worth for the small cist. Q??. Can you help to tell , what E collar can fit a smallest dog. I mean fit on not having the receiver to bulky.

  14. Wait, there was a Q&A yesterday ? I saw a video about neutering where am I missing this stuff ?


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