Puppy Training

Puppy agility instruction without equipment pt1

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Possessing entertaining in the park with the puppies, below are some of the agility
online games I enjoy, I only use favourable instruction techniques and never ever punish my
puppies. I also make problems, have bouncy puppies and my timing is
garbage 😀 but we have entertaining


  1. I have changed the title, perhaps if you change your search keywords also? Assuming its football agility you are looking for?

  2. put that its for dogs in the title im tired of all these videos about being about damn dogs

  3. Thankyou 🙂 I am so happy with them both, they manage to figure things out no matter how rubbish my timing is 🙂

  4. What a cute doggie, love her enthusiasm! Great video. Kathy with Liz/breeze/cricket.


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