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Pup Schooling – The Position Command in Doggy Schooling – Pup & Doggy Schooling Video clip

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Pup Schooling – The Position command is a fantastic matter to educate puppies early on. It teaches a canine a thing pretty un-purely natural, likely absent from you. Later on we can establish this to a ship absent, or a go to your mattress command. It is pretty helpful and exciting to educate.

Training your puppy dog a Position command also offers him a harmless place to go to chill out or when asked to “go to your place.” It is a foundational phase in canine training.

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  1. When I play fetch with my puppy after he catches the ball instead of coming to me he runs away no matter what so what can I do I need serious help

  2. Very very helpful! Minka, my young GSD is starting to finally pick place up in a way that's fun for her!

  3. I was doing restrained place commands today and wow, what a difference. He now drives into place with lots of energy.

  4. Genius way to teach it. I've never seen anyone suggest the initial frustration phase. So clever.
    So the crucial thing here is to get the timing of the reward such that the dog thinks it coming from the place, not the handler, right ? I'm guessing, just wait until the dog's looking at the mat and drop treat ? Then capture the rest… Simple enough video, but quite a lot to think about. Thanks Robert !


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