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Psychological Guidance Pet vs. Company Pet | What Are the Variances?

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What is the change in between an Psychological Guidance Pet vs. Company Pet? What rules and teaching are relevant to equally?

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In this movie, John Slick discusses the dissimilarities in between an emotional assist dog and a service dog. Psychological Guidance Animals call for considerably fewer teaching than a service dog, and emotional assist dog rules are considerably far more restrictive and certain than service animal rules. Also, there is no certain emotional assist dog teaching or emotional assist dog vest, while service pet dogs have equally of these issues. Lastly, the approach of how to get an emotional assist animal is different than that of how to get a service dog.

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  1. I love your videos! It's so relaxing to hear you talk with such love and education. I just love it so keep it up! <3

    I do want to let those "E.S.A. haters" know that I understand their discomfort because ESA's don't need training and Service Dogs do, and people are taking advantage of that and reducing the reputation of ESA's AND Service Dogs, but I do want them to know that there are people out there (like me) that don't have a physical dissability, but a mental one and an ESA helps us out SO MUCH! Personally, I'm making my boy an ESA because I'm moving to another country and if something happened to him while traveling with the baggage under the plane I WOULD DIE! LITERALLY!! He may not do tasks for me, but he is my life and the one helping me battle my depression and anxiety issues. I however, am taking him to receive training for ESA's, where they take him to public places and teach him obedience and how to behave, etc. because there are people out there (like me) that do want to mantain a good reputation not only for Service Dogs, but for ESA's too. So before trying to make ESA's not supported by law, think about the people that do need them.


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