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In this online video Kallie functions on heeling, strolling down stairs, distraction, grounding, and block/go over. Kallie has been undertaking community accessibility teaching for nearly a 12 months now. She’s experienced to do regular verify-ins, as you can see she generally appears at me and remains quite focused. This was also my 1st time making use of my palms cost-free leash and i love it!


  1. How old does a dog have to be to be certified? I'm wanting to certify my basset hound puppy

  2. what kind of vest is that?

  3. Hi. I was wondering if you could show how you trained the "check-in" task. Or if you already have, would you tell me the video name for it? Thank you!

  4. IS there a way for you to show or explain how to teach these things? I have a bad anxiety disorder and ADHD, I cant focus, get attacks, etc etc. It gets bad. I have a puppy and I'm not sure how to teach him how to cover and walk down the stairs slowly.

  5. Good job! Funny I found you on here, I follow you guys on insta. Have a good one!


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