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Professional Idea – You will not want extravagant doggy coaching tools!

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Dog coaching would not demand extravagant tools or a formal atmosphere it only involves persistence and creativeness! For far more information and facts about my providers, check out my web-site: If you just like neat images of puppies, you can head above to my Instagram:


  1. Do you still dock dogs tails in the USA?

  2. Thanks for another great tip.

  3. Keep up the great videos, I have a 5 month black lab pup that I will soon start training on here command do you have any ideas on that, he is only 5 months so my expectations are not extremely high but I figured we can at least start some ground work with some small distractions. Although it shouldn't be too hard his favorite place to be is next to me.

  4. Always insightful, always delightful! Thanks Stonnie,

  5. You are a fantastic trainer, Stonnie! I enjoy every one of your uploads. You always have sensible and simple approaches to dog training without flashing an ego like many other YouTube trainers. I love the idea of training with the items in your environment as it prevents the pup from getting used to the designated training tools such as a "place" mat or a set obstacle course. Cheers, man!


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