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American Bully Kennel Club invited Luciano to provide a dog training demonstration June 23 and 24. Thank you to Alfredo Cancino, President of the ABKC, for allowing us to show what a little patience and dedication can do for you and man’s best friend.
For a consultation with Luciano please call/text (310) 995-8505
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  1. Great job Luciano and Sit Means Sit LA.

  2. i admire the hell out of you man. im training to be dog trainer and pits get such a bad rep because of owners who only buy the dog to look tough or other reasons. i plan on breeding bullies myself… and im just so glad to see that there are people out there who train their pits and who dont just sit em in cages nd take em out 10 minutes a day. Kudos to you hermano!

  3. find a dog trainer near you… all your problems will be solved, theres no quick secret to it

  4. I'd like to know exactly what your training method is. The dog seemed unshakable when other people and dogs were around, especially when you were answering questions. Please, please share what ever tips you have with us that need it.

  5. thank you

  6. if every dog owner put 10% of the effert this guy must of put in the media wouldnt have a opotunity to get a sad story for money but the world would soon get to know these are very clever dogs weve been blessd with. nice work man respect

  7. Thank you


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