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Pit Bull Obedience Instruction Los Angeles, Orange County & San Diego

Andrew and Chase doing the job on off leash obedience teaching and aim therapeutic.

Pit Bulls, regretably, are amongst the most misunderstood and dreaded animals in the US, thanks to its damaging exhibit in media as a creature from hell. No question why there are scores of myths attached to it these types of as it staying uncontrollably violent, very unpredictable and exceptionally dangerous. Even so, soon after teaching scores of pit bulls at Sandlot K9 in a wide variety of regions these types of as obedience, agility and particular protection, we can assure you of the fact that there so called unpredictable and dangerous habits is constrained only to a handful of pet dogs, which is not constrained to this breed only. It can, like other breeds, turn out to be a very loyal and sweet companion supplied you know how to offer with it. Get in touch with us to get a cost-free session on pit bull teaching in Los Angeles, Orange County or San Diego.


  1. This is Not pitbull Terrier is a bandog

  2. Very beautiful dog.

  3. This is how I want my pit trained


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