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Phony provider pet dog assaults true provider pet dog on a Sacramento coach – Everyday Mail

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A vision-impaired California guy states his licensed Seeing Eye pet dog was attacked and bitten on the nose by a pit bull that was staying passed off as a provider pet dog by its proprietor. The incident took position just in excess of a 7 days in the past as Michael Kelly (inset) was touring on board the Sacramento Light-weight Rail with his 4-legged companion, a German shepherd named Kie. Kelly and Kie ended up at the Regional Transit Station at 16th and Q streets in midtown Sacramento when an additional passenger’s pooch allegedly attacked the provider pet dog and mauled its snout.

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  1. Kill all Pitbulls!

  2. Cops can't do anything about it my fucking asshole. Pretending your dog is a service animal is ILLEGAL and cops need to be educated to spot a fake service dog, and since the owner of the pitbull admitted that he lied, they should have made an arrest right then and there. Stupid lazy as cops, that can't do their job. No justice for the man who's service dog was injured. No justice at all.


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