Labrador Training

Operating Man’s Retriever Lining Drill

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Dan and Cynean hunt with Out of doors Adventures for geese on the snow and then they clearly show you how to train your retriever the lining drill.


  1. I like the fact that you throw the retrieving object first and then fire the gun while the object in in flight of the throw. Other videos I have viewed fire the gun first and then throw the object. Their is a risk in doing the later because when the gun is fired first, there may be a fear factor develop and you do not accomplish your goal. However, once again your video is great, this is similar to how train this process. However, I must say that I do not use an e-collar and I only concentrate on one training behavior at a time. Once you have the positive association with gun fire, then I will work on a perfect retrieve.

  2. You do not need an electric collar on a Lab for fucks sake Americans could not train Ivy to climb up a wall. Pathetic shit training. the ones that agree with it are uneducated put one on youre neck you idiots then tell me its ok dickheads

  3. Why would you use a shock collar on a dog it is crual an inhuman you can hav a perfectly good dog without it

  4. How young do you start to get abdog used to the gun shot?


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