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Onetigris Tactical Dog Vest MOLLE Services Animal Harness Part 1

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XS Chest Girth:14~twenty, Neck:eight.5~11.eight, Back Size:11, Width:ten
S Chest Girth:15~21.5, Neck:9.2~12, Back Size:13, Width:11.2
M Chest Girth:sixteen.5~27.5, Neck:11.5~15, Back Size:sixteen, Width:13
L Chest Girth:eighteen.5~36.5, Neck:14~eighteen, Back Size:19 ,Width:14.9
XL Chest Girth:twenty.5~40.3, Neck:ten.5~21.5, Back Size:21, Width:sixteen.5


  1. Wow this is so nice. I with I had the funds to get one for my service dog Lennon. He's a black lab. I'd want one with the pouches so he can carry medical needs. He would wear either a large or an extra large. Being disabled it feels like its taking forever to save up.

  2. You think I could get one for sheep…. I… I have a ram and its big as fuck so…

  3. Hey guys did you know this harness can double as a backpack as well for your dog you can get Molle pouches to add to it but I have found them to be too small for the gear my dog has to carry so what you can get depending on the size of your dog is a Molle waist pack found on eBay or Amazon and they have straps on the back that can go through the Molle loops on the harness and this works perfectly for my very active border collie

  4. can you actually put a helmet like that on a real live dog without hurting them?

  5. Excellent product informational video Mark.

  6. Well done, if i had a dog, this would be a great option. Thanks for the review.

  7. I've been thinking about getting a couple of these when my pups get full grown.


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