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Nick Walczak satisfies his long run services doggy behind bars

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six:57 PM, Jun 24, 2013 | four responses

Monica Robins
MARION — For the previous many months, Turner’s been an inmate at the North Central Correctional Complicated.

Powering barbed wire he is understanding competencies to have him through life.

But Turner won’t have a jail range. He has 4 legs and fur and before long he’ll be Nick Walczak’s good friend to flexibility. Walczak survived the Chardon Significant School shootings again on Feb. 27, 2012.

Turner is a Golden Retriever who is becoming trained by inmates exclusively for Nick’s requires.

Connected tale: W.A.G.S. four Children Inmates with time teaching services pet dogs

He’s just one of six pet dogs in the software the place 11 inmates rotate the pet dogs and educate them for W.A.G.S. four Children — an firm that trains and matches services pet dogs that supply therapeutic, psychological and actual physical support for small children with disabilities and their households.

Each and every doggy is specially picked as a pup to be trained for a youngster. W.A.G.S. four Children is a non-income firm that survives only on donations.

Each and every spouse and children is asked to have a fundraiser to enable “Pay out it Forward,” not for their doggy, but for the subsequent just one to go to a youngster in will need.

These animals can price up to $16,000 to educate and care for. Each and every inmate authorized for the software is trained by a qualified.

Training the doggy can take practically two several years. W.A.G.S. four Children handles the price of all veterinary requires, foodstuff, supplies and teaching. The qualified trainers often travel two hours or much more to the jail to fulfill with the inmates and enable educate the pet dogs.

The pet dogs are rotated through the inmates so they learn to take instructions from different styles of individuals. It’s also to enable stop bonding amongst inmate and doggy.

To donate to W.A.G.S. four Children, including exclusively for Nick’s fund, click Below.

The firm is also acquiring a charity fundraiser Wednesday, June 26.

Functioning Animals Giving Assistance four Children (W.A.G.S. four Children) is contacting all of Cleveland’s fun, solitary, charity-minded adult men and females to go to Cleveland “Have a Coronary heart” Charity Bachelor Auction at Wilbert’s in downtown Cleveland on Wednesday, June 26from six p.m.-ten p.m.

This fun and distinctive party will introduce 25 of Cleveland’s most qualified, solitary adult men becoming auctioned off for a tailor made day.

Click Below for much more information about the party. You you should not have to be solitary to go to.


12:09 AM, Jun 25, 2013 | responses

Monica Robins

MARION — Some of them are murderers, but all of them are behind bars for the reason that of a crime they have committed. But 9 of them are employing that time to give again to culture and make a big difference in a kid’s life.

W.A.G.S. four Children, a non-income charity firm trains and matches services pet dogs that supply therapeutic, psychological and actual physical support for small children with disabilities and their households.

Connected tale: Nick Walczak satisfies his long run services doggy behind bars

They endure on donations and each spouse and children that will get a doggy is asked to hold a fundraiser, not to shell out for their doggy, but to shell out it forward, and shell out for the doggy that will go to the subsequent youngster in will need.


  1. I must say its a very good thing that you guyz are doing…Keep it up…

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  5. Watching that dog looking into that young mans eyes while working with him with total loyalty and love was totally beautiful to watch. God bless these men giving back and making a difference in society

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