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No enemy is worse than negative information. – Sophocles

You would never consider money information on how to expend every last dollar you make for the subsequent 15 several years of your lifestyle from a person with no money skills or practical experience, but someway in the company pet dog planet, persons do not consider someones lack of practical experience or education and learning into thing to consider when they give us information on what type of pet dog to get for company do the job or what coach to use for your teaching. Why is this?


  1. I agree with you. I had it in my mind that the only dogs for Service work were Medium and Large. Midnight is a standard poodle and is also trained as a Therapy Dog. We were at a health recovery center and met a young lady that is Autistic. She was very taken with the dogs, even smiled and to an extent would pet them. On our next visit I heard that she was going to get a Shih Tzu, I thought to myself, that dog will be too small to be of any help to her. How wrong I was, the next time I saw the young lady she was smiling, appeared confident and was even outgoing. I'm glad that I keep my mouth shut there are as many right dogs for the job as there are people that need them.

  2. Thank. You. Holy crap this is important, people.


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