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Marq at OSF 2006 Showmanship

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Marq and I completing our go around at the Ohio State Fair.


  1. You seem realy good! my dog and I show in
    4-H too. I remember seeing your name in the fair book!

  2. Yeah, you know what I mean. My next breeder breeds for herding ability, performance, and temperament.

  3. Gotcha! It's a good thing that he does at least something else than show now though, just cause there's too much misconception about show dogs only being alive for glamour which is bull shit. I plan to get a show border collie from Shoreland Kennels, and put an OTCh, MACH, UDX, CD, TD, HS and all that other stuff on him. Just to show the world a show dog isn't just for show.

  4. OMG! Marq is gorgeous! I didn't know he showed in conformation too! Dual talented dog. Do you know what I love best about that, he opposes the notion that "show dogs" are just show dogs, because he obviously does something else. I had people earlier giving me a hard time about Border Collies in the show ring, and how thats SOOOOOO wrong. Because the next dog that i would be getting comes from working AND conformation lines.


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