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(8 Sep 2010)
Ajman, UAE, April 2010
one. Medium close shot of falconer and hen sitting down on his glove
2. Mid shot of falconer releasing hen to tracking shot of falcon
Camarthen, Wales, United kingdom, May well 2010
three. Various of Welsh countryside and falcon farm
4. Shut up of falcon eggs in incubator
5. Mid shot of incubator drawer remaining shut and locked
6. Shut-up of digital readout on outdoors of incubator demonstrating temperature and humidity readings
7. SOUNDBITE: (English), Barbara Fox, Aviculturist (hen breeder)
“The incubators have improved immensely. The awareness of how to feed the birds and what form of nutritional vitamins and nutritional supplements they could possibly want. The awareness has developed immensely, so if you enhance items then the end result will be far better.”
8. Various of newly hatched falcon chicks in heated
9. SOUNDBITE: (English), Barbara Fox, Aviculturist
“In the earlier the people today in the Middle East applied to capture falcons on passage, on their migration in the autumn, capture them and fly them about the wintertime and then in the spring when it bought very hot all over again they launched them all over again. Now they can have captive kinds and they do not have to capture the wild kinds.”
10. Mid shot of technician weighing and recording facts of new born chick
eleven. Shut up of chick’s pounds remaining pointed out on a chart
12. Various of a new born born chick remaining fed with raw meat and weighed all over again
13. SOUNDBITE: (English), Dr Andrew Dixon, analysis biologist, Global Wildlife Consultants
“A single profit of a big-scale, commercial breeding procedure like this is that the skills and techniques we build can be applied for conservation purposes.”
Camarthen, Wales, United kingdom, August 2010
fourteen. Various of a falcon remaining skilled with a lure in a field at the falcon centre
15. Established up for Dr Nick Fox seeing falcon remaining skilled
sixteen. SOUNDBITE: (English) Dr Nick Fox, director, Global Wildlife Consultants
“Falconry depends on 4 items, a superior hunting location quarry in the hunting location birds of prey to hunt and falconers with their heritage in a position to educate them all.”
seventeen. Various of a falcon remaining skilled with a lure in a field at the falcon centre
eighteen. SOUNDBITE: (English) Dr Nick Fox, director, Global Wildlife Consultants
“In places quarry (prey) has long gone down in numbers not from about hunting by falconers, but from environmental causes. Birds of prey, recall, have been decimated by pesticides and in the 1800s in Britain they have been also killed by activity keepers.”
19. Various of falcon remaining skilled in a totally free flying physical exercise
20. SOUNDBITE: (English), Dr Nick Fox, Director of Global Wildlife Consultants
“There are a lot of people today all about the environment practising falconry and we’re in the approach of finding that recognised by UNESCO as component of our cultural heritage. From the conservation level of view there are rather a couple of species which are endangered, or want aid or simply want people today to be skilled to go out there and do it.
Ajman, UAE, April 2010
21. Shut of falconer in Ajman seeing car chasing the falcon across the desert
22. Mid shot of falconers likely to their car to sign up for the chase
23. Various inside of the vehicle driving across the desert
24. Mid windscreen view of vehicle stopping the place the falcon has caught a pigeon
twenty five. Various of man retrieving his falcon
26. Shut up of falcon sitting down on man’s gloved hand
Lead IN:
Looking with birds is 10 thousand years old and is a especially deep rooted tradition in Arab countries.
But some of the most floor breaking operate to breed and educate birds of prey normally takes position, much from the desert in rural Britain.
You can perception the enjoyment of the hunt when the prey is in sight.
It can be component of a breeding programme to switch diminishing numbers of birds in the wild.

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