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Labrador Retriever Canine Instruction – Educating a pet dog to run straight

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This is an more pile drill that I use that I simply call “Pile Drill with No Pile”. Typically a pile of bumpers is placed out for the pet dog to retrieve a person at a time. The pile drill is a extremely good drill and a person that surely should really not be omitted.

This is an additional drill that I use to get the pet dog utilized to retrieving and getting way with a bumper in his mouth to establish a lot more concentration to endeavor and to aid in his dealing with.

The education that is completed that prospects up to this stage is completed with more distant retrieve, and distant fall and choose up drills added to the mix.


  1. Could this drill be used to send the dog left to right and back again from bumper to bumper?

  2. This is awesome

  3. i searched how to run from them -_-


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