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Jax (Newfoundland) Boot Camp Doggy Teaching

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Jax (Newfoundland) concluded the Neuman K-nine Academy boot camp for pet dogs. This plan protected obedience instructions to sit, keep, down, heel, appear when termed (off-leash), area command, down from a distance, self-confidence building, distraction proofing, and normal etiquette like waiting at doorways right up until released and no jumping up. He also acquired how to operate on the treadmill and leap into a motor vehicle on command.

Our Minnesota canine instruction camp offers packages for the Newfoundland these as boot camp, obedience instruction, and pet camp.

Neuman K-nine Academy is a professional canine instruction college that offers board and educate (inboard) for pet dogs, and fully skilled pet dogs for sale.

For additional data on our instruction be sure to go to: www.mndogtraining.com


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