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Jake the Black Lab Receives Furminated!

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Jake the black lab enjoying a pampering session even though getting brushed with the Furminator!

Audio: FKJ feat. Tom Bailey – Drops

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  1. That is a chocolate labrador! When light hits his coat it shows brown colour! A pure black lab would show black colour if light hits it!

  2. Awesome dog. 😊

  3. Eu tinha um desse mais morreu

  4. Oh,yeah,right there,mmmmmmm,zzzzzzzzzzz!

  5. he has powers you are lucky

  6. Cute dog!

  7. me gusta ese perrito..

  8. You should have wrote his name with his hair lol

  9. Hey Chris big fan over on your gaming channel just wanted to say u should look on pvc pipe bows their actually quite useful

  10. Jake looks like such an awesome and chilled out dog. I thought you were going to show the big pile of dog hair at the end. Maybe it is better that you chose not to do that.


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