How To Train a Dog

Introducing your gundog pet to gunfire

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How to introduce your gundog pet to gunfire,
employing a verified quick strategy.

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  1. Thanks George for the great video's! I have Springer that was born March 5th, 2017, she is super smart and I'm hoping to train her well. I'm needing to work on the retrieve with her, she will chase after just about anything I throw, but runs past me when coming back and will not return to me, I"m going to try the long lead idea, any other tips you can recommend? Also should I be using any treats for training or just praise? She already sits, rolls over, shakes hands. Will go to her bed when commanded. Speaks(barks lol) and I"m working other things, but I really want her to be an bird dog. This is my first dog that I will have ever trained for hunting. Thanks Joe from Chicago.


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