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Instruction Your Services Puppy: Is it appropriate for you? Issues to think about, price tag overview, suggestions, and a lot more!

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Is a support dog for you? Is operator-coaching a support dog for you? What sorts of matters need to you think about before diving in and obtaining a puppy for support get the job done? What is the typical price tag of increasing and coaching your very own support dog? What are matters to be wary of? Do you have any suggestions for operator-trainers?

In my initially installment of a multi-aspect series about operator-coaching, I converse about matters to think about when pinpointing no matter if or not operator-coaching is for you, as very well as typical price tag estimates and unique professionals and cons. At the close, I give some suggestions that I would like I experienced regarded starting up out! My subsequent video will be about the deciding upon your dog/puppy from a shelter or breeder, the significance of deciding upon a correct breeder if you decide to go that route, how to location the “appropriate” breeder, and a lot more!

I hope you appreciated observing this and I can not wait around to hear from you all! Happy 2018!

really don’t ignore to stick to us on the gram @support.angel.percie if you want a lot more updates, pics, and video clips! appreciate you all so a great deal and hope you happen to be all undertaking very well 🙂


  1. Thanks for this video, I'm owner-training my puppy and I'm looking forward to your next video on this topic!

  2. I have MS and have problems getting around. I have had MS for 15 years. My job before I stopped working would have you put that you are disabled if you have certain illnesses that the state says makes you legally disabled. I am getting a puppy from a breeder soon.

  3. I completely agree on the disability thing. two people may have the same diagnosis, but they could be functioning at different levels!


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