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Instruction Your Hen Pet – Favourable Methods – Period A single

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In this movie is my beginning phases of schooling an Upland Hen Pet making use of Favourable Reinforcement Methods – The use of a Placement Board and Clicker Methodology with a Food Foundation Reward Method types the foundation for the most successful means of establishing and ingraining Conduct.

Scientific investigation demonstrates that habits in animals and human beings are rewarded on two degrees. On a behavioral aspect we can observe and in the Limbic Method of the mind which is demonstrated through viewing the blood stream in the mind when a habits is uncovered. This portion of the mind aids the puppy in feeling feelings and knowledge interactions between favourable feelings and particular behaviors.

This is a series of Instruction Films Created by myself at Perfection Hen Pet Instruction – More facts is presented through session to enable homeowners and trainers to study and use the most humane and successful techniques. by Dale Hubbard, Ph.D., Sport Pet Psychologist – www.luclycloud.com

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