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This audio is perfect to enjoy to your puppy though you are out of the home, to help them loosen up in their atmosphere and really feel a lot less stressed. Allow us know what you feel of the audio, and if you have any tips for future video clips we love hearing them!

Rest My Canine are industry experts in making relaxing audio to help relaxed your puppy and help canine to slumber. Our audio is composed in-home by our workforce of producers, and utilizes audio sweep technological know-how made to loosen up and relaxed your puppy. If you puppy has sleeping difficulties, panic difficulties or is stressed all through fireworks and thunderstorms, you must attempt our audio and enjoy your puppy loosen up before your eyes!

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Rest My Dog’s audio will help to relaxed and soothe your puppy or pup in a range of cases. Console whimpering puppies, minimise separation panic, cut down hyperactivity, minimise panic of thunderstorms, stop undesirable barking, comfort ill or hurt canine and relaxed your puppy on auto journeys – Rest my Canine does it all!

Rest My Dog’s audio sweep technological know-how is the high pitched sound that runs by way of a large amount of our melodies. A lot of individuals believe that canine listen to two to three instances much more than humans – which is just not accurate. Basically, canine listen to the exact as us – just two to three octaves higher. The audio sweep in our audio is made the exact as a puppy whistle – to keep your canine focus to the audio.

Rest My Dog’s audio is special, and will help in a range of cases as a substitute for treatment. We have helped thousands of canine and puppies globally to slumber and cut down their panic. Music therapy for your puppy can hold them relaxed, satisfied and healthy, and it is a good way to rehabilitate rescue canine – or just get your pup or puppy made use of to their new dwelling.

Staying re-homed is an unbelievably demanding time for canine – as they have to get made use of to a large amount of distinct sights and sounds, as nicely as their new loved ones and any other pets in the home. We propose that you enjoy Rest My Canine all through this time, and it will help cut down their coronary heart charge and loosen up them though they examine their new environment. No much more whimpering puppies – they will get made use of to your dwelling in no time at all with the help of Rest My Dog’s audio!

You may be crate coaching or obedience coaching, which can be a demanding time for both puppy and mother or father, and our audio will soothe your pup making your lifetime less complicated. Crate coaching can be one particular of the toughest matters about having a new pup – as remaining trapped in a new place and absent from you is really scary for them. Nonetheless, when listening to Rest My Canine you will detect your pup start to loosen up, and get much more made use of to their crate.

It is also really beneficial to relaxed your puppy all through auto journeys – which several canine obtain a demanding time. They may associate it with vets visits – so we propose actively playing Rest My Dog’s audio before and following visits to the vet to cut down their pressure.

The worst time of 12 months for in excess of sixty% of canine is Firework period – the loud bangs are genuinely scary for them and you may detect a enormous improve in your puppy all through this time. Thunderstorms are a further complicated time for canine, with the the greater part of canine remaining really afraid of storms mainly because of the unfamiliar loud noises. Rest My Canine is the perfect remedy to this panic inducing circumstance – just enjoy our firework and thunderstorm playlist to cut down your canine panic and make them really feel harmless.

The most popular challenge we listen to is separation panic in canine, they are pack animals and see their proprietors as their pack – remaining separated from you can cause severe panic in several canine. Rest My Dog’s audio has enhanced thousands of situations of separation panic and barking canines all in excess of the entire world – just enjoy them our audio when you leave to go to the stores or out of the area, and you will detect a large amount a lot less barking and whimpering from your 4-legged good friend!

So no matter if you have a Pug, Labrador, Pomeranian, Shi Tzu, Terrier or Wonderful Dane – any breed can become relaxed and relaxed when listening to Rest My Canine. We are also on a range of social media platforms – so be a part of our group and let us chat! We love to listen to about and see photographs of your doggies!

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  1. such relaxing music ☺ keep up the good work

  2. I was sat with my 2 puppy's and they sat next to me with the tune on and we fell asleep when I woke up they were both lying on my stomach XD

  3. Our lab was so hyper and I searched for videos to help him sleep. Wow! In less than three minutes he went to his bed and slept!haha Thank you so much. This will put me to bed, too. 😀

  4. 강아지 세마리 편안하게 주무시라고 틀어줌… 내가 먼저 잔당…♡

  5. actulay this relaxed me

  6. Relaxing music:BOAT DOG

  7. awww went sleep with a smile on her face

  8. Can you please tell me the exact breed of dog that's in the thumb nail thank you .p.s. i was wondering because that looks exactly like my dog and we don't know what breed she is😄😀

  9. My rescue puppy has torn a ligament and the vet has said she needs 6 weeks crate rest (well, 6 weeks restricted movement, we're not actually using the crate that much and the vet has said this is fine).

    Anyway, we're 1 week in and our pup has been getting really worked up…no amount of frozen puzzle feeders, training, play, or chews can keep her calm. She's at the point where she has so much energy that even when she's tired she refuses to settle and sleep.

    A friend told us about relaxation music for dogs, and we tried one of your videos for the first time a few days ago, when our puppy was tired but unable to settle – the result was instantaneous; within minutes she was asleep and she slept for almost an hour. We've used it a further three times since then, and every time it has had such a huge affect on her. Just now she has gone from being totally over-stimulated and trying to do zoomies, to calmly lying and gnawing a chew.

    From two very stressed out dog owners, THANK YOU!

  10. it doesn't work. my dog keeps getting hyper when it turns on. I'm trying to go to sleep but they are still being hyper what should I do?

  11. This is a fantastic video ,Thumbs up 🙂 Many thanks for sharing. All my best wishes to you .Good night sweet dreams ,Greetings🎶💗🎶

  12. Some other music don't work, my 3 year old mutt Baylor has trouble falling asleep, not even 5 mins. of it she's out. THANK YOU  <3 She thanks you to!

  13. This is one of the best channels I have ever seen❤️ it gets my dog to sleep all the time but this video in particular. The dog on the thumbnail is the same as my dog which made me click on it❤️ u really deserve more subscribers!

  14. This really works. My dog was crying in the car and right when I put this on he sat down and was calm. Every one with dogs should like this video.

  15. (On apple product) how many 'bars' of sound would you recommend to put this On?

  16. This works for me too lol

  17. I still find it a little odd my dog went to sleep in less than 2 mins O,o Wow u did a good job! I have tried so many songs to try to get my dog to sleep but they didn't work this one did! Good job keep up the good work! I am also telling my friends to sub to this channel 😀

  18. My dog that he was in front of actual puppies

  19. One minute my dog was crawling all over me and I put on the music and she jumped into my lap and fell asleep watching the pictures and listening to the music.

  20. this works so well……I'm telling all my friends about this chanell and telling them to subscribe thatnkyou soo much😊😊😊 also shout out?

  21. It really works! Thanks a lot!

  22. my dog is still active I WANT HER TO SLEEP

  23. I gave my dog 4 ambiens, put this song on, and he slept through the entire party we had! It really does work!!!

  24. Lol, I use this music when I want to sleep


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