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Illinois police official threatens to euthanize K 9 drug research puppies if the condition legalizes weed

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✅ Shocking Tale Nowadays : Illinois police official threatens to euthanize K 9 drug research puppies if the condition legalizes weed
The head of a police K-9 academy in Illinois reported police may be compelled to euthanize some of the 275 skilled drug research puppies in the condition if the legislature legalizes leisure marijuana, studies The Pantagraph.

According to Chad Larner, director of Maron County’s K-9 Instruction Academy, “retraining” the puppies would be “extreme abuse,” and that quite a few of the puppies are not socialized to the extent that they would make good pets if retired.
The report notes that narcotic-skilled K-9s detect marijuana, cocaine, heroin, ecstasy and methamphetamine, but would need highly-priced retraining to turn out to be bomb-sniffing puppies.. Larner spelled out that a retrained pet dog may nonetheless inform their handler to medications, setting off alarms about a bomb threat wherever none exists and main to bogus arrests.

Normal Police Department’s assistant police main, Steve Petrilli — a former K-9 handler — backed up Larner’s claims about the retraining of puppies, declaring, “At this position, they’re skilled on 5 unique odors. After they’re programmed with that, you just can’t just deprogram them. I feel the implications of that would be huge.”

Even so Petrilli parted methods with Larner’s opinions about placing the puppies down, declaring quite a few of them would very likely be adopted by their handlers with whom they have bonded.

Legalized marijuana advocates took difficulty with the K-9 director’s threats, declaring he was using scare methods to impact the general public.
The plan that legalizing for older people to have an ounce on them will equivalent … all these puppies currently being euthanized, that appears variety of absurd and hyperbolic,” accused Dan Linn, executive director of the marijuana advocacy team Illinois NORML.
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  1. BULLSHIT!!!!!!!!!!BULLSHIT!!!!!!! BULLSHIT!!!!!!! They just want pot to be illegal because they make so much money from state and federal grants, property and money seizures, and fines and court costs!!!!!!! How many retired drug sniffing dogs have been euthanized?! This is just a ploy at the heartstrings of the average voter to keep their hands in our pocket!!!!!!

  2. In colorado, the only thing that changed was they don't train new dogs to detect marijuana. Remember, it is still illegal to have large quantities in recreational states. Isp is just overreacting.

  3. Though I am totally indifferent about the legalization of marijuana, just what good & responsible K9 Officer is going to let their partners be euthanized? To supplement what I am certain to be a fact, these Prized Possessions of America’s Finest would take TOP $$$ at auction which any PD in its right mind would be foolhardy to lose out on. And, if nothing else, My Mom would ❤ to acquire one of these Wonderful Souls for Mother's Day. Like the Oldie & Goodie goes, "It's a Living Thing, What a terrible thing to Lose!"

    To get someone to serve so faithfully just to turn around and kill it simply doesn't make sense to me. At least allow them to live the rest of their lives out on a ranch somewhere. There is only 20 of them. Most All law enforcement agents become involved in their line of duty for humanitarian reasons and something like this goes directly counter to their heart's contentedness. The Land of Lincoln is a Great State where the Bulls are from and if this particular police department is sewn together by the blood of camaraderie, I would "Imagine" this agency doing right by its backup lest their comrades modify their career paths due to their minds becoming altered by shades of distrust and doubt.


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