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Ian Dunbar: puppy training strategies (Obviously Joyful Canines)

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Dr. Ian Dunbar is a veterinarian, animal behaviorist, and writer who has used 10 decades researching domestic canine conduct. In this movie he points out what is involved in training puppies, which includes what age you must start off training a puppy, what occurs if you really don’t teach them, regardless of whether training classes are a necessity and how considerably time puppy training really normally takes.

Ian highlights the most crucial issues to train a new puppy which includes:
– Bite inhibition (enjoy out for Ian Dunbar’s movie about how to train chunk inhibition – coming up next month!)
– Socialisation
– Typical conduct troubles


  1. I watched videos, read books and all people can do a year before i got a puppy. Knowing basic puppybehavior is actually a must. I also went to visit the school at that time, and watched several puppyclasses and how it all went down. Already having fun even before we had a puppy. :-)In my opinion, you dedicate yourself to a puppy, just like having a child, you prepare yourself, your home and plan on how you will approach the training/education. Think about how you want your puppy to behave. This way I had so much fun at puppyclass and me and Mex, my gsd, already seem to have an advantage over other puppyowners. But it was just the fact that I already knew what to expect and just watch him take it all in, myself knowing how to behave.That said…I stilled learned alot ofcourse even in the puppyclass.

  2. 'Adversarial' – this is how I see people like Ceasar Milan. I don't get it. Why get into a fight with a dog ?

  3. Dr. Dunbar has got it hands down.   I've attended many of his lectures & seminars as well as having read his books and the information is so clear and concise that anyone can follow it.

  4. Lol, i used to come home from work with me highvis pants and go straight for walks and playtime in the woods with me ex girlfriends dog.. After we broke up when she was about 7 moths old and they moved, she still years after love guys in highvis pants 😀

  5. Hi there, It's great that you're so pro active in socialising your puppy. I wouldn't worry if it's not exactly 100 people, the important thing is it is a lot! You can get your puppy used to sounds using sound effect CDs or even the TV. How about dressing up in hats / high vis jackets etc or even skateboarding past your puppy in the hallway, it all helps to show them that all these strange differences aren't scary. Keep up the good luck!

  6. Hello, I recently got a black lab 2 months old puppy. I'm really trying to get him to meet 100 people by the 3 months of age but not sure I'll manage it. Does it matter if it's slightly less in number? Obviously the point isn't in number, but how can I make sure he is socialized enough to take him to "outside" world? thanks a ton!

  7. Because people are idiots.

  8. 13 and a half is a good age, but it is always tough to lose a friend. It's so good to hear of people who aren't just going along with the dominance methods.

    Have you seen the naturallyhappydogs website? There are currently 240 videos – all about positive and natural dog care, well worth the small monthly fee, especially with a new pup around!

    Good luck with you new pup, when the time is right for you.

  9. I recently (last sunday) lost my best friend, 13.5 years old, and these videos are giving me confidence to think that I'll be able to take on another pup one day. Cesar Millan's videos make me wanna shield my home from dogs, because appearantly (and I never knew this with my old dog!!) they're all out to take over mankind…they want to dominate and control us D:

    …I think I'll believe the british gentleman on this.

  10. Why doesn't this man get more attention than Cesar Millan?

  11. great….train in everyday things. They don't even realize you are training them!! I LOVE it!!

  12. trust me. you aren't the laziest person in the world. That award goes to me.


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