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Hunting Labrador Retriever – Field marking drill

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Fred Hassen and his Black Labrador Retriever ‘Charger’, display some hunting pet training drills with ‘honoring’, a ‘sit whistle’, ‘come -in whistle’, and a marking drill.
Charger is 1 calendar year outdated and just commencing.


  1. Hi Fred ,

    Love your videos. We are huge Lab fans. I just had to put down my black male after 9 wonderful years. Bone Cancer. I live on Long Island. I am looking for a new Lab. I am looking for a Field Trials Lab, Black Male, Large, Champion Lines. Must have excellent pedigree. Also Excellent hips, normal elbows, clear eyes, and no EIC in either parent. I also want to take the dog from it's littermates at 49 days. If you know any quality breeders I would appreciate it. Thanks.

  2. Finally a classic training video. Most of what I have seen on YouTube is nothing compared to the techniques i learned as a youth. A ball field diamond with honor mark ,and "back" Hand signals and whistle blows. I think the world has tried to get too modern on training. Thanks for your post


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