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Visitor educational Stephen Lee Hodgkins thoughts society’s notion of disability.

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  1. Thank you for doing this! Discrimination is unfortunately still very real.

  2. As a severely disabled person, one of my problems with this otherwise very functional and important shifts in language is that I am not allowed to express dissatisfaction or ire for my disability in some communities. If I express not wanting to be a dwarf, I'm betraying my people. If I consider the idea that I would select genes that didn't have dwarfism, I'm a eugenicist. I feel accused for simply acknowledging that, given a choice, dwarfism is not what I would choose. Given that it is who I am, I value my life and experiences, but I am not indulging in self hatred or internalized social ostracizing simply because I view dwarfism as a negative trait.

    I am in constant pain, my joints rub up against eachother in ways that aint functional. I have a difficult time reaching parts of my body when I am out of shape so I require someone's help. Yes, a more inclusive society that didn't assume everyone can do things for themselves would be nice, but pretending it isn't nice to do shit for yourself is patronizing.

    It's not just a social restriction. It's a real problem I have to deal with and other people don't. It's not fair, but it's the situation, and while partially created by others, it's also a genetic mismatch of instructions intended for one thing and instead decoded for a different feature, and it impacts my daily living significantly.

    I don't want that for my kids, or anyone's kids. Disability can be negative, and implying all references to it are negative, or should be positive, is ignoring reality in favor of convenience.


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