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HOW TO Prepare YOUR Canine TO ROLL More than (Collab with The Humbug) |

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If you have ever puzzled how to teach your pet to roll over, me and Sophie from The Humbug Channel have obtained you coated. In this movie we go over the 3 techniques to instruction a “roll over” (yup, only 3!).

Featuring my pet Django, the demo pet, wanting fab as ever.

“But Jackie” you say, “What is The Humbug Channel about?”. Well pals, listed here are words straight from the mouth of the Humbug:

“I am an actor by trade, but a humbug by passion.
The figures I carry to existence may possibly or may possibly not be my change-egos, I go away that to you to come to a decision…
I hope to carry a tiny pleasure and laughter into your working day!
Oh…and that finger gun hand gesture, went from staying ironic to just kinda sticking close to!”


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