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How to Practice an Aggressive Pet with Amount four Chunk–Inspired by Dr. Ian Dunbar

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Are you a Pet Trainer or Habits Advisor and would like to know how to safely and securely modify the behaviors of an aggressive, fearful, and/or reactive grownup pet? Then this is the suitable video clip for you. At All Animals Vet Medical center, Head Trainer Heesun Andes, takes advantage of beneficial approaches these as classical conditioning and progressive desensitization (designed by her mentor Dr. Ian Dunbar), to treat worry aggression, pet-on-pet aggression, and human aggression. Dr. Ian Dunbar is a countrywide advocate for puppy dog instruction, a Veterinarian, and planet renowned Pet Behaviorist.


  1. We have 2 female dogs about 3 years of age 100 pounds about. We also got a brand new boy puppy dog. Ever since we got the puppy the 2 females have tried to kill each other. These fights have happen only twice but I'm tired of cleaning up blood and having not only the puppy see the aggression but also my kids crying. I have know idea how to brake up the dog fights, or get them to stop fighting.

  2. Does this training make the dog less protective of its owners? Thats what it would seem like to me. What if there is an intruder…

  3. this is very helpful. i have a 5 year old bichon/toy poodle mix who was hit with gme at 3 1/2. the prednisone gave him diabetes and the diabetes made him blind from cataracts. he is very mistrustful of people who approach him and have 4 owners before me so he was never trained. so, jake's havin' a hard time. i will try these techniques. he even gives me a hard time when i go to pick him up if he's not prepared or fully awake. i give him insulin needles twice a day and chemo needles every three weeks and oral syringes twice a day and the diabetic test pricks. often being picked up means more needles and pricking… oh, boy. i have to get the aggression down. i haven't worked on it as he's dealing with so much. but i have to. thanks.

  4. I just  adopted  a female rottweiler puppy that is 3,5 weeks old , the reason I got her this young is because her mother was transfered to another farm and she was left there  and there was no way to bring her to her mommy so I had to keep her in a safe place , Ive been feeding her milk replacement formula every 3 to 4 hours , and she is healthy and playful , the first night I got her she was whining so much but I got used to it by playing with her and caress her till she sleeps , now the issue is , Ive read articles on some websites that stated that if a puppy is separated from mother at an early age , he will not be a stable dog in the future and he will show  bad aggresive behavior and he will most likely snap because he didnt have enough education from the mother  bite inhibition , socialization , and other stuff , is  it really that risky to keep her ? , is there any chance of saving her condition ? I really dont want her to finish sad in a shelter , is  successive training and affection and love enough to make her a good companion ?

  5. Just watched this video, because  recently put down my fearful aggressive reactive dog.  she was a rescue, 4 yrs, old.  I ws doing everything the behaviorist said, and her behavior most of the time was great.  She was better at passing people on the street w?o lunging, but she was still clamping down on me hard.  the last time, i had her in her stroller and she wouldnt let me lift her out. she saw i didnt know what to do, and she lunged and bit me viciously .  i was hysterical and traumatized and had her put down.  i can't forgive myself for taking her life, I hae ocd and panic disoder and just couldnt handle it.  i was not taking her backto that filthy shelter, and she couldnt be rehomed,  I didnt try training with a muzzle because it looks like hanabul lecter.   so i killed her instead of giving her that chance, I feel if i had had a friend, to help me this wouldn't have happened,  But noone was there for me, so i drove her to her vet, w/o looking at her or talking to her.  i should have made different choices and i am dying inside.


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