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How to Get Your Pet dog to BEHAVE Wherever! – Education Environments

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You need to practice your pet dog in each natural environment that you assume them to behave in, but you have to get started with the basic principles.

The commencing of our coaching must constantly be performed in a distraction-cost-free natural environment. You can use your yard, garage, basement, residing home it would not make a difference, as long as it is a neutral and distraction-cost-free natural environment exactly where your pet dog can target on you and not be distracted by outdoors influences.

This video was taken from our newest DVD, An Introduction to Pet dog Education with Jeff Frawley.





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  1. Very nice tips sir

  2. Was it hard to get in character for Deadpool?

  3. Every dog I have ever known is distracted by surrounding people and other dogs/animals of any kind.

  4. Jeff has improved a lot!

  5. Thank you for making some really good points. It was cool that I got to see it happen just like you said.

  6. Great video! I have a 1 year old lab mix that I can bring just about anywhere, his temperament is lovely, even in really stimulating situations. The issue I am having however, is when we are around other dogs. He gets extremely excited and hard to control if he isn't on his easy-walk harness. His recall is excellent and he is almost better behaved off leash, lol. I would love to be able to get him to listen like this when in the presence of other canines on a simple buckle collar/leash or a slip lead.

  7. When did Ryan Gosling become a dog trainer?

  8. My dog is 2+ years and all this while we took him for walks and playing in parks. Finally I realised it’s the mistake and no trainer ever told so. I have been doing as you are saying here for 2 weeks now and see remarkable change. This video helped me believe in what I am doing.

  9. Biggest problem for me is dog reactivity on walks. I use balanced training with a prong and ecollar set up while also using food and praise. But when she sees a dog even 200m away she gets over excited. Corrections dont work. Neither do lures. If i mid-high level correct (95% of the time im low level working) she will sit and look at me but her jaw is slapping up and down and her body is twitchy from the over stimulation/energy of the other dogs. This is at 200m or anywhere within eye sight. Now if i round a corner and there is a dog just there close, she explodes. Lunging, barking, the prong/ecollar is useless at that point. She has and will (not that i bother anymore because why bother once in the red zone) ignore heavy pops and 100 level stims. Nothing. How can i start to work on the distance with other dogs if i cant even get her to fully calm down even within long sight. This is a dog that will heel near perfectly the entire walk with the odd working level reminder…. until she sees a dog.

  10. Covering your acoustic foam with solid surfaces (pictures/paper) like that makes it redundant. It's like covering a flashlight with your hand.

  11. Great demo about the importance of slowly adding distractions.

  12. great visual aid!

  13. Well made points. To much training in halls/classes is an unrealistic place for a dog. I believe in training around distractions as soon as the dog understands the commands . Lovely dog )

  14. Dont create picture….the dog picture the pool as free zone… Make the pool as form of reward

  15. why say side instead heel? just curious


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