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How To Feed A Doggy Or Pup Accurately

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Do you know how to feed a canine or pup correctly?

Feeding your canine incorrectly, and specifically feeding a young pup incorrectly can cause serious overall health problems!

The to start with thing to understand about how to feed a canine the appropriate way is to set them up on a feeding routine.

You really should never just set out a bowl of meals and enable your canine take in it as a result of out the day.

I also do not advise to feed your canine or pup as a result of meals bowls. As an alternative make them work for their meals by feeding them in puzzle toys.

It is wonderful mental stimulation and the dogs get pleasure from “looking” for their meals.

Finding out to feed your canine the suitable way is vital if you want to make confident your canine stays healthful.

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  2. "Free Freeding"?

  3. thank you so much  I would give my dog morning feeding at 8:00 am she would eat but not all so I would just leave food there come around 4:30 pm I would just add alittle more food if she needed more in her bowl I would take her for a walk around 5:30 pm she would go poop but when I wake up in the morning she would had poop in the house .if I feed her at 8:00 in the morning when should I feed her again for dinner time ? I do give her about two snacks noon and evening time thank you

  4. I don't know how to get my to get on a schedule pls help!

  5. Free freeding lol

  6. Best guide to feed your dog I've found on YouTube, your channel deserves more recognition


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