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How to educate my puppy to wander on a leash with no pulling

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How to educate my puppy to wander on a leash with no pulling

Study how to prepare your puppy to not pull on walks and wander on a free leash.

Study to get your puppy to stop pulling on the leash. I will share a basic procedure which is going to simplify your dog’s wander.

Canine instruction with no the use of treats, aversive instruments, force and Domination. Canine instruction employing “play & praise” puppy instruction.

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  1. Ugh… Having Soo much trouble with my 7# chiweenie! I can't even take one step without her pulling! I could easily drag her because she's so small BUT that's NOT what I want! I say "no" and stop… Then I take one step and she starts pulling again. The future doesn't look very bright. I can even stop, put her in a sit, but the very next step… She's pulling! Please help!

  2. But what if your dog doesn´t pull forward but backwards because he doesn´t want to walk? I do have a 5 month old Westie puppy, and i really have a hard time taking her out for a walk. She sometimes simply refuses to walk, plus you don´t always have the time to let your dog do whatever he wants to do.

  3. wow, it is amazing how animals learn to follow instructions. ~ Vero

  4. This is great! I always learn something awesome on your videos!

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