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  1. my mother takes the morkie into the goddamn bathroom

  2. My Danes are the worst with separation anxiety.  Batman is almost two and past the destructive phase, but the youngest, Tova, who just turned 1, is still actively destructive when separated from me.  I work at home, so they get a lot of time with me (probably a big part of the problem), but I crate the youngest 99% of the time when I leave and I'm typically gone a few hours max.  I made a huge mistake the other night – knowing it was one of the rare times I'd be gone 8-9 hours.  I barricaded them both off together in the kitchen because I felt bad about the thought of having to crate Tova for so long.  BIG MISTAKE.  My kitchen countertops were destroyed.  I should've crated her.  I can't blame the dog – it's my fault.  I guess that's also part of treating them like a dog and not a human – not feeling bad about the potential length of time Tova may have to be crated.  I don't mind leaving her in there for a few hours, but many hours I just start to feel horrible.  If there is a rare time I'm going to be gone that long Tova has to stay crated that long.  No exceptions.  It's not that often and I have no other way to look at it.  Thanks for the video. 


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