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How to Continue to keep Your Dog From from Barking in the Car

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A pretty temporary overview of some methods to retain your pet dog from barking in the car.

This is my initially “edited” video clip. I’m studying as I go trying to make greater articles to assist pet dog lovers with troubles they may be owning with their puppies.


  1. Our dog can be quite relaxed in the car itself, she can go to sleep on the seat, slumped against the door. But when we go into a town, she barks and growls at the people walking past and cars. How can we correct this?

  2. Goombah, my 5 year old Bernese Mtn Dog, and I have been working on his car / ride excitement, thanks to your video and suggestions. Just wanted to say thanks!! We have only done 4 sessions so far. For the first 2 sessions we did not even go inside the car, just focused on walking around it and doing things in the general area without getting as anxious. Today was the 4th session, followed up about a half hour later by a ride. We are already seeing improvements. Goombah still barks / yelps in an over-excited way when we reach our destination and park / turn the car off. However the rest of the trip was a drastic improvement. We will keep working on it.
    Keep up on the videos, they're good stuff!


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