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How to coach a Borador Pet (My five Strategies & Tips)

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How to coach a Borador Pet…..or how not to coach a Borador Pet. Right now I give my five strategies on how we educated Buddy the Borador. He’s a 9 month aged Borador puppy dog with about as much electricity as a 4 litre bottle of lucozade.

Right now I give my five strategies on how to coach you Borador puppy dog. Buddy has been an wonderful pet above the past 9 months, I believed I would give my watch on how to coach your energetic Borador puppy dog. This movie contains borador puppy dog methods, borador puppy dog strategies and borador puppy dog behaviours that we have expirienced in our first year with Buddy the puppy dog.

Training treats I utilised –

How are you accomplishing with your Borador puppy dog teaching? Permit me know in the comment area beneath


  1. Great video! Buddy is sooo adorable! I'll be collecting my very own Borador puppy, Darcy, in two weeks time, so thank you for sharing your tips/advice! 😀

  2. Just found your channel and i think you and your Borador are soooo cute☺️ my Borador is 4 and he’s such a fun dog I love him so much

  3. My Borador is 4 months old, she's so intelligent it's like owning a fully grown adult dog. She's full of energy but I'm fortunate enough to get her out for long walks and camping trips
    Borador s are known for following their owners everywhere including around the house and they hate being left alone but that's just a Borador thing LOL. Your dog is beautiful 😀. Ty for sharing.


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