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Teaching your dog to stop biting calls for consistency and challenging work. Help you save your fingers from long term pain by education your doggy at a young age that biting and chewing is lousy behavior.

Action one: Participate in with your dog, bringing interest to your arms
Sit on the floor with your dog and participate in. Bring their interest to your arms by tapping the floor in entrance of them and wiggling your fingers.

Do not scare your doggy by tapping their confront. Teasing may well lead to them to instinctively chunk out of self-protection.

Action 2: Yell “Ow!” and stop enjoying when dog bites
Loudly and sharply yell “Ow!” when your dog bites you far too challenging. Rapidly pull your arms absent and immediately stop enjoying.

Action three: Participate in all over again and see if they continue on to chunk
Participate in with your dog all over again following a few minutes have handed. Yet again, draw interest to your arms, and see if they chunk.

Action four: Offer you a reward if they don’t chunk
Offer you a address or other reward if your dog would not chunk your hand, and continue on enjoying with them.

Action five: Yell “Ow!” all over again disregard for twenty seconds if they chunk
Yell “Ow!” all over again if they chunk you. Then change absent and disregard the doggy or put them in a selected time-out place. Wait around twenty to thirty seconds right before turning to them and striving all over again.

Decide on a “time-out” place for your doggy, like a modest place absent from persons, toys, and other animals use this place as a indicates of punishment. Never ever strike your doggy to punish them.

Action six: Be consistent
Be consistent in your education, practising in short, fifteen-minute bursts of time as often as you can. Your doggy will promptly understand that biting is a speedy way to carry an conclude to the enjoyable.

Did You Know?
Like individuals, pet dogs have two sets of enamel — baby enamel and adult enamel. About four months aged, a puppy’s baby enamel start out to slide out and their adult enamel improve in.


  1. There is no timeout spots for my dog if I put him in the bath tub he will jump of and if I wiggle my fingers on the ground he will bite it if I say OW he will bite harder😂🐶😂🐩😂🐕

  2. Thx it really helped 👍😁

  3. I'm having a biting problem with my dog right now that I could use help with. I've got a 72lb golden retriever who is ten months old. When he gets excited, he bites. Like if we leave the house and come back, he will jump on us and bite our arms. When we have our backs turned to him, he will bite our ankles. And it's not so much play biting. He bites down super hard where he could leave a mark sometimes. I don't know what to do. I've shouted and said "ow" when he bites but he doesn't care. We tell him to stop and he still doesn't care. He probably thinks it's all fun and games but he doesn't understand the seriousness of his actions. What can we do?

  4. Omg thx it worked!!! 😀😀

  5. that Chihuahua looks so much like my Neighbors Chihuahua peewee he is so cute

  6. When an animal acts negatively, it needs negative response. A "time out" is a psychologically obtuse way to "train" any animal.

    When an animal acts positively., then positive reinforcement is appropriate. I have no idea who pushes these idiotic philosophies, but good behavior requires a good response. Bad behavior requires a bad response. Is this some sort bass ackwards world that people are trying to create? Morons!

  7. Step one: Pop its nose. No other steps required.

  8. my puppy would inhale that puppy

  9. Do puppies have rabbies? I got bitten by a 2 month old puppy and do i need anti rabbies shot? 2 yrs ago I already got a series. Its was 3 shots. Im a little worried. Any advice? Thanks in advance

  10. OmFG she is so cute


  12. My dog Hershel is all grown up and he STILL bites everyone like he's a Rotweiler.

  13. I'm not sure but ,if anyone else needs to find out about training a puppy try Loctavan Quick Puppy Strategy (do a search on google ) ? Ive heard some decent things about it and my neighbor got cool success with it.

  14. This is okay I find that he is still biting as if he forgot that he'll go in time out for a bite

  15. rat dogs

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  17. Ok il try that

  18. My dog stopped bitting at 5 month's of age! he is now 6 months ans i don't know what caused him to stop

  19. What if your dog is to crazy and just bits a lot

  20. What If it bites a little when ur playing

  21. My dog isn't playful at all he is very me and harsh full

  22. My dog bit me and he didn't let go for 10 seconds swinging his head around


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