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How to Build Agility Teaching Teeter Totter For Your Puppy | Craftsman

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Does your pet have a great deal of vitality? Mike Woodman displays you how to make an agility education teeter totter for your pet, also known as a see saw. Utilizing a several Craftsman electric power resources these kinds of as a miter saw and drill, this Do it yourself venture is straightforward and can deliver further pet exercise for your fur toddler. Appear at stage by stage instructions here:

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This Craftsman video is about how to make agility education teeter totter for your pet.


  1. I have so many questions. The first of which being where are the instructions on how to actually build this? Also it's already sagging under the weight of the board. I wouldn't trust that enough to let my dog walk on it.

  2. What size PVC pipe did you use? What are the dimensions of each piece?

  3. What length are the pvc and how many joints??????

  4. Step one: build teeter totter. And your done, good job!

  5. This was stupid he just says assemble, yeah we know, we are watching to learn how to ASSEMBLE it. And how do you even put the wood on? They lack detail this is why I am not subscribed.

  6. I like that teeter totter, but can't build it following this video.  No details.  How many connectors and what length to cut?  How many PVC U clamps and where do you place them and how?  I got confused with the length of the board.  He says to get a 1 X12 and then talks about an 8 foot board.  Nice teeter totter, very poor instructions as to how to make it. 🙁

  7. It was kinda thin on detail. But there was some content in there somewhere 🙂

  8. who the fuk buys sand

  9. That was, without a doubt, BS. What the hell did he do??????

  10. pipe**
    What was the final length of the eight main beams length wise?

  11. How long were the original lengths of the pvc pie you used?

  12. How long was the original length of the pvc pipe you used?
    What length did you cut it down to for the eight main beams length wise?


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