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Gun Doggy Labrador Pup Instruction Week one (The Sit, The Retrieve, The Down)

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Gun Doggy Labrador Pup Instruction Week one (The Sit, The Retrieve, The Down)
Free of charge gun puppy puppy schooling.
The most effective to commence the gun puppy schooling is in 11 weeks outdated of age. This online video is made up of 3 exercises: The Sit, The Down and The 1st retrieves.
I am scheduling to add one particular online video each individual 7 days until Sandy’s 22 weeks of age so you will be capable to stick to how she is creating and try out it in your residence.
I am not a professional puppy coach just like any of you at residence. You can see how I try out to educate my puppy and stick to it at residence. Very similar schooling videos/publications are pretty high priced but all my online video is free and accessible on you tube.
Superior luck and many thanks for looking at.
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  1. I adopted a Labrador puppy of 4 weeks, shall i start to train him or wait till 8-10 weeks? Till then what do i do.. now every time when we are not around he make noise all the time how do we have habit to let him alone for few minutes..

  2. when u told her to sit dont keep repeating the word it over powers the mind of a dog and if she sits then jumps up you should say stay to her instead of repeating the word cause it over powers the mind

  3. Worked for my dog! Took about 6 months to make him fully trained.


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