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Guide Puppy Coaching: Arrival

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Be a part of me as I embark on guide puppy education with Guide Puppy 3.. Nowadays contains journey from Minnesota to Oregon, arrival at the GDB campus, a tour of my digs for the upcoming pair of months, and some reflection on tomorrow’s situations–tomorrow is Puppy Working day–when we are issued our new associates and commence performing with them! Thank you for becoming a member of me on this journey!

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  1. i have a question, sorry if this is insensitive! I really didn't mean to be!
    Are you 100% blind, or just visually impaired??

  2. Is figure out your first guide dog

  3. Keeping you in all good thoughts and prayers as your Oregon Adventures go on . . . Congrats.

  4. I am so excited for you!! I cant wait to hear who your pup will be! Have fun! ❤🐶

  5. Thanks for posting this! So good for me to see the Oregon rooms so I know what the heck students are describing to me hahah

  6. Best of luck! Subscribed to watch you embark on your journey! 😀


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