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Graduation Music: Hold Onto The Reminiscences – Corey Tynan

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Obtain this track in this article:
This is a track I wrote referred to as “Hold Onto The Reminiscences” that was decided on to be my senior course track past year. Thank you to all of the colleges that have decided on it to be their course track! 🙂

Hold Onto The Reminiscences is out there for down load at this connection:

Port Huron Northern Large Faculty – Port Huron, MI – United states of america

Raymondville Large Faculty – Raymondville, TX – United states of america
Pine Grove Are Large Faculty – Pine Grove, PA – United states of america
Chadron Senior Large Faculty – Chadron, NE – United states of america
Minalin Technological Training Middle Faculty – Philippines
Holy Cross of Malita – Philippines
Pawa Large Faculty – Philippines
Sisters of Mount Carmel Catholic Faculty – Philippines
Sum-ag National Large Faculty – Philippines
Saint Columban Institute – Philippines
St. Clare Local community Foundation Faculty Inc. – Philippines
Diadem Christian Academy – Philppines
Corpus Parochial Faculty of Iligan – Philippines
Ramon Pascual Institute – Philippines
St. Valentine Understanding Middle – Philippines
Rainbow Of Angels Understanding Middle Inc. – Philippines
Mater Carmeli Faculty – Philippines
Holy Rosary Catholic Faculty – Detriot Lakes, MN – United states of america
Aucilla Christian Academy – Monticello, FL – United states of america
Ulysses Large Faculty – Ulysses, KY – United states of america
Bunceton Large Faculty – Bunceton, MO – United states of america
Wolverhampton Girls’ Large Faculty – Wolverhampton, West Midlands – United kingdom
Bronx Coalition Local community Large Faculty – Philippines
Edifices of Science – Taif, Saudi Arabia
Mullingar Local community College – Mullingar, Ireland
Scotus – Columbus, NE – United states of america
Present day English Faculty – Cairo, Egypt
Latham Christian Academy – Latham, NY – United states of america
John William Head Large Faculty – Saskatchewan, CAN
St. Therese Faculty – Alhambra, CA – United states of america
Kasson-Mantorville Large Faculty – Kasson, MN – United states of america
McAuliffe Regional Constitution Community Faculty – Framingham, MA – United states of america
Southern Okanagan Secondary Faculty - British Columbia – Canada
Intercontinental Faculty of Stavanger – Hafrsfjord – Norway
Wheelock College Singapore – Singapore
St. Rose – Windsor, Ontario – Canada
San Juan North Secondary Faculty – Trinidad
Valley Grande Institute – Weslaco, TX – United states of america
Mayfield Large Faculty – Cleveland, OH – United states of america

Buford Large Faculty – Lancaster, SC – United states of america
West Greene Large Faculty – Mosheim, TN – United states of america
Waikato Diocesan Faculty for Girls – Hamilton – New Zealand
Weslaco East Large Faculty – Weslaco, TX – United states of america
Sts. Peter and Paul Main Faculty – Canberra – Australia
Glenpool Large Faculty – Glenpool, Ok – United states of america
Springfield Large Faculty – Livingston Parish, LA – United states of america
Burgeo Academy – Newfoundland & Labrador – Canada
Dubai Present day Large Faculty – Dubai – UAE
La Salle College Antipolo Night time Large Faculty Department – Philippines
Notre Dame of Dadiangas University – Philippines
Massaponax Large Faculty – Fredericksburg, VA – United states of america
Prince George Secondary Faculty – Prince George, BC – Canada
Sidi Gaber Language Faculty for Girls – Alexandria, Egypt
North Star Academy – Warren, MI – United states of america
Canossa College – Philippines
Palm Crest Intercontinental Faculty – Riyadh, Saudi Arabia
Tandag National Science Large Faculty – Philippines
Casa Genuine Montessori Inc. – Philippines
Tagum City National Large Faculty – Philippines
Benguet Condition University – Philippines
Palompon Institute of Technological know-how – Philippines
Rabbi Vinirosa Academy – Philippines
Our Lord’s Angels Faculty — Philippines
Grace of Shekinah Faculty — Philippines
Pilar College Zamboanga City – Philippines
Gateway worldwide Faculty of Science and Technological know-how – Philippines
Matabungkay national Large Faculty – Philippines
Enfant Cheri Review Centre, Inc. – Philippines

Hold Onto The Reminiscences:

Reminiscences fade, but they are by no means lost
Shades modify with time and modify of heart

If I keep onto the memories and use them to guidebook me
Will you be correct in this article beside me
Everything I know is behind me
I am starting a new lifestyle
I just do not want to say goodbye

The sunlight has established on every little thing we know
Close friends we have designed, I do not want to allow go
Immediately after every little thing that we have figured out
It truly is our time now, it really is our transform

If I keep onto the memories and use them to guidebook me
Will you be correct in this article beside me
Everything I know is behind me
I am starting a new lifestyle
I just do not want to say goodbye

The lights go dim as we out of the blue see
It truly is time to obtain who we are meant to be
We couldn’t wait around for this to close
Now we would like we could begin yet again

If I keep onto the memories and use them to guidebook me
Will you be correct in this article beside me
Everything I know is behind me
I am starting a new lifeI just do not want to say goodbye
Goodbye, goodbye


  1. I'm crying only 3 more months with my girls

  2. last year in elementary 2017!!

  3. Class of 2017! I dont want to graduate yet 😔😔 i will miss the memories me and my classmates made! Whyy😔😔 I hate this life, i missed the time when we always laughed😂 the time we all cried😭😭😭😭 the time when we always play the time all the time! God bless my classmates and me 😢😢😢

  4. class of 2017!!!

  5. Sounds like Christian rock without the christian part haha

  6. me 😢😢😢😢

  7. moving country. WHY…………?

  8. that song is my graduation song

  9. only 4 days left for graduation😞

  10. Coming from a class of 40
    June 10, 2017 will be the hardest day for all of us. We are all so close even though we like to deny it.

  11. Class of 2017

  12. class of 2016 Im graduating at march 31! i dont wanna leave my beloved friends and bestfriends most of all my crush!!! I wanna cry! :'(

  13. class of 2018!!!!

  14. Class of 2017!!! I can hardly believe I will be a alumni of this school soon. Actually I am scare about this, because I gain so many best friends during the years. I don't want to loose them, but it's seems like that it's impossible for us to study in the same school after our graduation. I am now studying in primary school, and I think the friends that met in primary school can't last forever, because you met them when you're so little. Oh no, I'm feeling blue, our graduation dinner is in July. The very very last time that we'll see our friends and teachers. Four more months to July, a little bit too fast! (sorry for bad English)

  15. im class 2016 -2017 it's gonna be 1 month and 7 days till my graduation and I'm gonna be highschool next so I'm gonna make a video using this song for our section 😖😖

  16. Class of 2019! Still not ready even though it's about 2 years away.

  17. Whos class of 2020??? 3 and a half more years

  18. class of 2019 is coming up and this song is one of them

  19. I want this song to be my graduation song when I'm a sinor

  20. Hi! can i use this song for our prom?😊 btw this song is so beautiful

  21. I remember coming here during high school and reading comments. Wondering how it feels like after graduation. Now it has been 3 years past graduation. I miss so much everything about highschool. And this song brings back so many memories and an enormous feelings. I miss you friends.

  22. omg i don't wanna leav high school class of 2017😭😭😭😭

  23. Graduating in 3 months 😭😭

  24. Class of 2012. I sung this with my choir class on graduation night.

  25. can I please use this awesome song for my graduation/farewell please?

  26. Class of 2016! I'm on my own now. Things are hard but I'm building a life for myself. For class of 2017 enjoy your year together. And enjoy your last summer with friends from your hometown. It will be the best one yet!

  27. this is my graduation song

  28. I love this song ❤❤💋💋

  29. I'm going to a new school and it my last year at my school that I'm at right now I'm going to miss my best friend

  30. goodbye. Nice music

  31. in love with this song

  32. i watch this vid cuz i miss my classmates/friends

  33. whos watching in 2017

  34. Leaving high school 4months after turning 15, and off to college. It's all too quick! I have 5 months left of school. crazzzzzyyyyyy.

  35. this song made me cry 🙁

  36. Hey, so this is probably the stupidest reason to ask if we could use the song, but our choir teacher always sings a song to those of us who are leaving at our last concert. This year we wanted to sing something back to him. I stumbled onto this song and I was wondering if we could sing this song to him? I understand if you say no.

  37. classes 2016 were endend …

  38. i cry every time i listen to this its an amazing song tho

  39. College class of 2020!!!

  40. It's the new UNDERTALE theme song for the whole game. Suits it perfectly.

  41. Class of 2017 anyone? Where are my seniors at? 👊


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